ICT Consulting

We help clients to adapt the ICT sector quickly and efficiently to new business requirements, and create the most cost-effective models that match the pace of business growth.

We support the client’s current position, providing a professional insight into the business and recommendations that enable decision-making in accordance with business and technology strategies.

◊ How to make an investment plan in ICT: ▫ Basic ICT investment by technological analysis; ▫ ICT investment analysis techniques; ▫ Net present value.

◊ Web development and implementation: ▫ web site design; ▫ website architecture; ▫ creation of interactive intro and banners in Flash;

◊ Website Optimization: ▫ website analysis; ▫ demand based on key words; ▫ writing text for search engines; ▫ development and design for SEO; ▫ search requirements; ▫ building links; ▫ usability; ▫ reports and statistics.

◊ Maintenance of the information system.