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World-class hospitality and luxury Resort development capitalising on the thriving tourism market in Cape Verde, with strong commercial partnerships and a proven track record of delivery. TRG has a proven track record of completing thousands of Hotel rooms in a thriving and stable touristic region. The Group has strategic partnerships with worldleading Hotel brands including Meliá Hotels International, Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts and Hilton Worldwide. TRG also hold a guaranteed revenue agreement with one of the world’s largest tour operators, which in turn helps to fund returns to investors. The Group is backed by strong financial performance over several consecutive years and has been independently assessed as ‘investment grade’ by a top-tier and EU-regulated credit rating agency. In 2016, TRG’s operating profit before financing costs rose 47% to £29.8 million, with Group hospitality revenue rising by 220%.



C R E D I T / R I S K R AT I N G BBB- Stable Outlook (Investment Grade)

TRG has been independently assessed by ARC Ratings, S.A.nARC Ratings, S.A. is an international credit rating agencyn(CRA) based in Europe, registered with the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and recognised as an External Credit Assessment Institution (ECAI). ARC’s network has 20 offices globally, assigning ratings in approximately 30 countries spanning Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. In October 2016, ARC announced the approval and publication by the European Commission of its mapping tables for Securitisation Positions, Corporate/ Issuer Ratings and Solvency Capital Requirements. Crucially, ARC has been accorded the same mapping as the “big 3” CRAs and, therefore, ARC Ratings are now recognised alongside Fitch, Moody’s and S&P from a mapping perspective. ARC has assessed the realisation of TRG assets in what it considers to be a “growing and competitive market”. Having completed 3 months of detailed analysis (including a 3-day site visit) ARC accorded a BBB- “investment grade” rating to TRG, recognising the embedded value of this market.

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