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Living in an environment where there is an almost continual threat of social unrest, political turmoil, major lawsuits and economic collapse can be incredibly daunting. Imagine the stress of not knowing if and when your government decides to take control of you and your assets or the pain of them personally persecuting you and your family. Can you imagine the peace of mind knowing that you have a second passport available for you and your family providing an exit plan if and when such an eventuality is needed. Second passports however require a significant investment typically in Real Estate. For many wealthy individuals the safety and security of their family and global assets is deemed as vital and one of the best investments they can make, particularly if they also get a very sound financial return from their investment. The 2nd Passport of Choice for Hi Net Worth Individuals Cyprus is recognised as the ultimate choice for High Net Worth individuals seeking a guaranteed second passport and requires an investment of €2m in Real Estate. It is the most streamlined Citizenship by Investment Program in the European Union (EU), typically issuing 2nd passports within 8 months of application. It is also one of the easiest with no residency requirements, no language requirements or interviews. It’s intended for those who want the assurance and guarantee of citizenship and 2nd passports in the quickest possible time. It’s not for those that can risk their well being for 5-10 years to become a resident and then convert to a full citizenship.

Having a second passport can open all sorts of doors beyond your country of residence. A second passport for many is an essential insurance in the event of social unrest, political turmoil, personal persecution, a major lawsuit, economic collapse, etc. Obtaining a second passport is a fundamental step toward freeing yourself from absolute dependence on any one country. Once you have that freedom, it’s much harder for any government to control your destiny. A second passport keeps the government from taking control of you and your assets. By far the quickest way of obtaining a second passport is through a citizenship by investment program, where you essentially invest in that country in exchange for a citizenship and second passport. These programs typically take the form of an investment program where you invest in real estate. When fast access and security for your family is your primary criteria, you’ll want to get the best possible passport you can afford. When combined with the right investment decision it can result in both personal security and a significant financial return. The fast track Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme takes just 8 months making it by far the quickest in the market . It is also one of the best, providing you and your family with full European Union Citizenship and passports. This enables you to live, work and study anywhere in the 28 European Union member countries and visa-free travel to 169 countries around the world. A new horizon has opened for the Cyprus real estate market which is also making it one of the most attractive places for investment in Europe.
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