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We are a company manufacturing equipment for the aggregate and mining market in which we produce crushing and concrete batching equipments . We are also distributor of machinery for mining excavators. The work developed in this study aims to evaluate the ability of Supertech and to see a reduction in costs related to fuel consumptions on our machinery and on our fleet, that are to be economically sustainable and technically proven. We received three models of SUPERTECH for testing, model B, model D and Model E , respectively , for fuel tank capacity of tank up to 70 liters up to 350 liters up to 800 liters. The tests were carried out over a period of 10 days for the B model , including 5 days without installation of Supertech , to be used as a reference and five days with the product installed. For models D and E tests were performed over a period of 2 days, 1 day without Supertech installed for parameterization and reference and 1 day with the device installed. Petrol used : Common – 87 Octane without additives ( Alcohol Content – 25 %) * Diesel Used : Joint S500 *


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For the Supertech model B , we performed the test on a passenger vehicle business model of the company, a 2012 Ford EcoSport tank : 55 liters During the reporting period , the vehicle was used in an urban environment with the use of about 20 kilometers daily cycle , distributed in 4 : 5km each travel along the same route 2 round trips and 2 return trips .

Two measurements were made, for redundancy
1 – Measurement conducted by the onboard computer of the vehicle.
2 – Measurement by measuring the volume of fuel effectively delivered.

The results obtained from these measurements were quite strong, in the first case the result was only 7.8 km / s , in the second case , although a slightly better result can also assume a probability of error , it was anyhow slightly better , having found a 8.1 km / L. Having completed the first stage we proceeded to the installation of SuperTech as indicated in the manual and on the website and we repeated the same test with the same conditions of use of the vehicle and the results were respectively 8.4 km / L ( Computer on board ) and 8.7 km / L ( volumetric measurement ) , which represent 7.69% and 7.41% of ECONOMICS

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