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The economic aspect of globalization includes the general liberalization of trade and financial activities, general deregulation in terms of mining of state activities and privatization of state functions and services, the emergence of new actors on the international scene with constantly increasing influence on international economic relations (World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization , transnational and multinational corporations and non-core groups with enormous global impacts, such as G-7).

From the aspect of the economic policies of specific countries, the neoliberal perspective is taken as a dictum in the form of freedom of movement of goods, capital and services, privatization and eligibility of the concept of the public good, as well as the reduction of public expenditure for social services. Global rules are set. The Washington Consensus and the dysfunction of the market fundamentalist, as a cornpromis of American economists, politicians and academics (that is, the US government and international financial institutions that dominate this country), institutionalized American interests in three aspects: deregulation, privatization and monetary stabilization. This consensus, world power centers, unreservedly supported and accepted the process of globalization, which is roughly called Americanization in this form. The global order initiates the suppression of the nations in the second plan, and the rise of a totalitarian, and sometimes an utopian, neo-liberal internationalist. The most dangerous threat to this intrans-national is certainly renationalization, that is, the recovery and the strengthening of national sovereignty, and such a national sovereignty that resembles the most intriguing. National governments are reducing their m06, while the new world government is made up of transnational companies, international capital and the network of richest people’s interests. In the end, what should be done and what solution should be applied in concrete countries in terms of accepting such international circumstances, adapting to global circumstances or to rejection in the isolation and autarchy fermes? Certainly it is not a decision to lose the state (national sovereignty), to abolish the social function of the state, to undo its own culture and identity and to destroy the natural environment. But the solution is not isolation, that is, an autarky, which is, in all likelihood, the worst solution. The right solution is not the application of ready-made recipes, regardless of the state and eleterminants of a particular economy. The solution is as always, the less extreme dye extremes. Zerns developing their economies must not give up the oils of their national strategies (development strategies), they have to struggle, as far as circumstances permit, to preserve economic sovereignty (in order to keep the ends of the fate of their own state in their hands, and to be subjects, and not just objects of economic developments on the international plane), with inevitable adaptation to current trends and international circumstances.

What is most frowning upon and apostrophed as the negativity of globalization?
– Globalization is some sort of conspiracy of large cornfields against small states
– Globalization is the concentration of market power in the hands of several large corporations
– Globalization is the “davolje crude” information technology
– Globalization is a cornpan without rules
– Globalization reduces the workplace
– Globalization undermines cultural differences
– Globalization reduces the workers’ stanelard, transforming the zernalj into the developing into slaves
– Globalization destroys the human environment
– Globalization is developing on the back of small companies and consumers
– Globalization extends the gape of the rich and the rich

Because of these beliefs, but also the proven negativity and contradiction of globalization, the current globalization requires the further strengthening of the positive effects that have arisen from it, the elimination of negative effects should be minimized or minimized, so that globalization will work: more equitable – in the cone of tearing the gape inside and between countries, development-oriented – less scandalous across the globe, more morally – with the erosion of human rights violations, more tolerant with lesser destruction of the human environment, less exclusively – which will marginalize less, to incorporate more ignorant parts of the planet, more secure from the aspect of human and abstract rar … Globalization is irreversible and does not represent an option, but it is a huge force that must be curbed. In globalization and its contradictory, it is plausible to identify life’s wisdom applicable to all spheres of social life: “Life does not offer us any choice between alternatives from which. one is perfectly good, and the other is purely good. The part of the gorcine of the fivete consisted of the necessity of choosing the different of the unsaved and pone / cad bas completely bad. solutions, and this is a situation that irritates objectivity; rarity and a lot of intellectual effort to come up with some kind of counterpart that will not be too unsatisfactory even though it will be far from perfect.r / “Globalization is not a perfect solution, but at this moment the best solution is even the least bad solution, which does not have a rival strong Alternative The only alternative to the globalization of the world is autarchy, isolationism and protectionism, which in all respects represent the worst possible solutions. Demonized and supported, just or unjust, good or bad, necessary or not, globalization continues its path towards the planetary unification of all human activities and activities .


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